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As part of our Visa and Immigration Advice & Services we also offer help and assist migrants with services and solutions for a better integration into the UK community.

Since 2011, we have delivered services and advice to support the newcomers in establishing themselves in the UK. From helping you to start your UK adventure to finding ways for you to prosper, we will be with you every step of the way.

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What Is A NINO ?

If you want to work or claim benefits in the UK, you must have a National Insurance number (NINO). To obtain a NINO you must be 16 or over and resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.
You can start work without one but you must then apply immediately. The law requires you to apply for a number if you do not already have one and you are working or are intending to work.

How To Get A NINO ?

As being OISC Regulated Immigration Advisors , we will offer you FREE Immigration Advise based on your requirements and plans. Before attending your EOI (Evidence of Identity) appointment, we make sure your application for NINO is complete and accurate. Once the application is complete we will arrange the ‘Proof of Identity Interview’ and provide you all the information. Once the interview process is complete, you will wait up to 6 weeks for your National Insurance Number (NINO) to arrive in the mail.

Please complete and send the form below. We will contact you back to validate your request.

Aplly Now for NINO

    Disclaimer: We have no affiliations with the Department for Work and Pension, Job Centre Plus. You can apply directly at the DWP or contact Job Centre Plus for a NI Number where there is no fee payable.
    What Is A UTR Number ?

    A Unique Taxpayer Reference number (UTR) is a 10-digit number completely unique to each and every UK taxpayer. If you are self-employed, the number serves very similar to your National Insurance number, and helps HMRC locate your self-assessment Tax records. Not only that, it is can also be used to identify all of the different areas that are related to your UK Tax affairs. The UTR number from the HMRC is important because you will need it when you fill out your annual self-assessment tax return. You also need it if you need to communicate with the HMRC for any other reasons.

    How To Get A UTR Number ?

    As a specialist HMRC agent* we are able to handle the management process and apply for your registration on your behalf to become registered with HMRC for self-employment. Once your registration process is complete, you will be issued a UTR number. HMRC sends your UTR number by post in 10-14 working days from the date you’ve registered.


    Apply Now For UTR

      UK Personal Bank Account

      If you have moved to the UK to work, then you will need to open a bank account so that you can get paid, deposit cash, and pay bills.

      At present the UK banks have in place new rules which make the process of opening a bank account for newcomers a very difficult thing to achieve but not impossible.

      How To Open A Bank Account ?
      The most commom way is to walk into a branch, make an enquiry about opening a bank account and take it from there

      Before a UK bank can open you an account, they need to verify your identity. Banks usually accept as proof of your identity, things like:

      • Passport

      Or if you are from a country in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA):

      • National identity card
      • Residence permit issued by the Home Office to EU nationals
      • National driving licence

      Beside the proof of ID , you will also need to provide a document which establishes your UK address, such as a council tax or utility bill.

      If you find the process of opening a bank account to complicated, we can help you get your first Bank Account in the UK with a minimum effort from your side. We take care of all the administrative duties leaving you free to focus on your other priorities.

      Vă rugăm să completați formularul de mai jos.

      Aplică acum pentru un cont bancar personal

        Make Your Foreign Diploma Count In The UK

        As UK NARIC Member we can successfully help you with the recognition and comparison of your international qualifications and skills. Using our services your application will be processed much quicker and the whole process will be easy , simple and stress free.

        Statement Of Comparability

        The UK NARIC Statement of Comparability represents the recognition of your skills and studies in the United Kingdom. It guides universities, colleges, employers and professional bodies on how your qualifications (including professional qualifications) relate to UK qualifications and certificates.

        Statement Of Comparability For CSCS Cards

        The process of obtaining a Statement Of Comparability for CSCS is different than the process for standard Statement Of Comparability.
        CSCS has introduced a requirement that overseas construction workers wishing to work in the UK will have the technical content of their overseas qualification mapped against the relevant UK National Occupational Standard for that occupation.

        This detailed mapping must be verified by the Construction Industry Training Board. The process is quite complex, and this is reflected in a price that is higher than other UK NARIC statement services. Not all qualifications are suitable for detailed skills mapping. Therefore, there is a 2-stage process. Stage 1 is a low-cost initial checking stage. We will advise whether your qualification is suitable for Stage 2 and full, detailed skills mapping.


        Apply for ST. Of Comparability

          Fast, Accurate, Certified Translations

          Ar present, through our sub-contracted certified translator we can translate your documents into more than 7 different languages.

          We can provide a translation service even if we are not legalising any documents for you.

          Translations are often requested by authorities outside of the UK when you are supplying legalised documentation. The translation helps the overseas authority or person to understand the English language source documents that have been legalised. We can arrange to translate just the documents or we can translate the apostille certificate as well. If you are not sure what is required please check with however is asking you to legalise the documents as it is them that must accept the final documentation from you.



          The Hague Apostille service is a dedicated apostille service simplifying the legalisation of UK documents for international use.The apostille can be attached to nearly all UK documents that need to be used in another country for official matters.

          For countries that do not have English as an official language, you will almost always require a certified translation. If the receiving jurisdiction is a member of the Hague Convention of 1961, then you will probably also need to get an Apostille on your original document; you might also need the certified translation to have an Apostille. As already mentioned, sometimes the Apostille also needs to be translated.

          EuroWin can carry out translation of an Apostille quickly and cheaply, thanks to its extensive network of professional translators.


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            What is a DBS (CRB) Check

            A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, once known as the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check, is becoming more and more important when working within the Private Household industry. Majority of positions will request all candidates to have a valid DBS certificate before starting in the role. The Disclosure and Barring Service helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

            There are 3 tiers of DBS Checks available:

            • Basic DBS – the lowest level of disclosure which checks the Police National Computer for details of all current criminal convictions. Often used to support an immigration application, to vet prospective tenants or to volunteer.
            • Standard DBS – covers those working in other occupations to children, vulnerable adults and the elderly but where they need to be of ‘good character’ and not have a criminal record. This could include someone applying to be employed as an accountant, working in a pharmacy or legal practice, someone applying for a firearms license or a senior manager at a bank or financial services organisation. Organisations employing someone in this sort of position want to assure themselves that the people they are considering haven’t got a lengthy criminal record for dishonesty, drugs offences or violent crimes.
            • Enhances DBS – the highest level of disclosure required for those positions that can involve caring for, training, supervising or being in sole charge of children or vulnerable adults. An Enhanced CRB will show the following offences: sexual, violence, the supply of drugs and safeguarding.
            How to get a DBS check

            As an independent agency who offer a simple process when applying for your Basic DBS Check or Basic Disclosure. We specialise in checking and processing applications and provide support throughout the process. We do not currently handle applications for Standard or Enhanced DBS checks although we may be able to advise on who you need to contact if you do require a Standard or Enhanced DBS check.

            Please complete and send the form bellow. We will contact you back to validate your request.

            Apply For Basic DBS Check

              Exchanging Your Foreign Driving Licence For A UK Driving Licence

              If you’re looking to exchange your foreign driving licence for a UK driving licence, you might be a bit confused by the sheer volume of rules and regulations involved. The process can vary depending on where your original licence was issued , the categories you have on your licence, and whether you’re officially a resident of Great Britain or EEA citizen. Our team of friendly advisers will check if you are actually eligible to exchange your foreign driving licence for a UK one.

              We can get your new UK Driving Licence with a minimum effort from your side. We take care of all the administrative duties leaving you free to focus on your other priorities.

              Please complete and send the form bellow. We will contact you back to validate your request.

              Apply For UK Driving Licence

                Why Use A Professional CV Writing Service?

                Having a CV is a basic requirement of any job application process. Your CV is your opportunity to show your future employers that you are the best candidate for the job. In today’s job market, standing out from the crowd is essential. Having a tailor-made professional CV will set you head and shoulders above your competition. Our CV Writing Service will ensure that your CV showcases your skills and your qualities, your knowledge and your abilities – whether you are just starting out in your career or embarking on a new phase of your career or changing industries.

                How Does It Work ?
                Please complete and send the form bellow. We will contact you back to validate your request.

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                  Need Help With Benefit Claim Forms? 

                  Benefit claim forms can be complicated and confusing. You could lose or miss a payment by delaying your application. Getting our help to complete the forms promptly and accurately will reduce stress and you will get your money quicker.

                  We Can Help You With: 

                  • Child Benefit
                  • Child Tax Credit
                  • Maternity Allowance
                  • Universal Credit
                  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
                  • Employment and Support Allowance
                  • Disability Living Allowance

                  Do you know what benefits you could be entitled to? Find out what you could be owed – quickly and easily! Contact us at 02030869209 or submit your enquiry through our online form.

                  Please complete and send the form bellow. We will contact you back to validate your request.

                  Request Help For Benefits Claim

                    We assist you step by step and take care of all the admin, ensuring you start off your life in the UK on the right foot.

                    Packages For UK Newcomers

                    Self Employed in the UK

                    If you are looking to undertake self employed work in the UK, this is the right package for you. It includes everything you need to legally work and live in the UK both as a self employed & employed person . Most common self employed jobs in the UK are : Driver, Cleaner, Carer, Nurse, Personal Trainer, Builder, Photographer, Blogger, Web Design & Developer
                    £210 / VAT Included
                    • National Insurance Number
                    • Assistance Self Employed Registration & UTR
                    • £25 GIFT Card when buy
                    • Bank Account
                    • UK Residency after Brexit

                    Employed in the UK

                    Choose this package if you are looking to work for an UK employer. It includes everything you need to legally work and live in the UK.
                    £180 / VAT Included
                    • National Insurance Number Assistance
                    • Bank Account
                    • UK Residency after Brexit

                    Constructor in the UK

                    Specially designed for constructors. I you want to start working within an UK construction site, this package it includes everything you need.
                    £280 / VAT Included
                    • National Insurance Number Assistance
                    • Registration & UTR
                    • Construction Industry Scheme Registration - CIS
                    • £25 GIFT Card when buy Builder Insurance
                    • CSCS Card
                    • Bank Account
                    • UK Residency after Brexit

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